By: Sharon M. Draper

Summary of Forged By Fire

When gerald Aunt dies, his whole life is turned around and he was forced to moved back with his mother and his mean and abuse step-father and his little sister. Gerald and his little sister Angel had grew very close and he became very over protective over his sister but gerald was suffing from painfully, thoughts that he could never forget snd he had alot on him while he was young and as a teenager. Him and his sister had to deal with there mother addiction to drugs and pills and Jordan Sparks abuse.
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Author Information

Sharon Mills Draper is an African American childern's book writer and a professional educator. Mrs. Draper is the six-time winner the Corretta Scott King Award for books about African American experience. She was born on August 21, 1948 in CLeveland, OH. She graducated from Pepperdine University. She has won alot of awards for her books that she has written. People say that Sharon Draper inspirse them so much through the books and things she writes about in her books.

time line of events

  • gerald had burn the house down
  • monique was sent to jail
  • gerald had to live with Aunt queen
  • monique had got out of jail and wanted to come see him but gerald didn't want to see her
  • Gerald has a step-sister name Angel
  • jordan is monique husband
  • Aunt Queen dies
  • Jordan and Monique had to take Gerald in
  • gerald and angel grew close
  • jordan stayed to beat all of them
  • jordan started to sexually touch Angel
  • Angel began to get really scared
  • Jordan got arrested
  • Monique had been looking for a job
  • Monique had got hit by a car
  • Jordan says that he has changed
  • Angels loves to dance to express her feelings
  • gerald takes care of angel
  • rob dies
  • gerald starts to start losing his mind again
  • the house catches on fire
  • jordan dies
  • Gerald and Angel and Monique started to become a family again