perseverance Happening everywhere

BY:Hasan Abbas

Walt disney

Walt Disney has gone through a lot of perseverance before he became a major producer of Disney channel but sadly he passed away.His career was hanging by a thin piece of string because his dad didn't accept of his dream.The love of his life dumped him because of his dream.His first amazing project which we know as mickey mouse was stolen from.He was ambition.

Mrtin luther king stoped racism?

Stopping racism

Martin Luther was born black. Which stopped him from following his dream which overwhelmed him,because of that he wanted to stop racism.And he did stop racism and won the noble peace prize.If it weren't for him racism would probably still be around.

Andes crash

A plane has crashed in the Andes,It was holding 45 people and a union rugby team.They have no food no water and no shelter.So they took suitcases and cover the hoes in the plane and used that for shelter.They used snow for water,and they ate the dead people.

what i think about perseverance.

Everyone goes through perseverance.Its like a giant wall you have to like when professional runners are running they go through something called the wall where the brain tells them to stop but they have to keep going. Because they are taking to much at once.Its just obstacles people face.

Lessons learned

The lessons i have learned from perseverance are to never give up and keep trying,to never stop what ever happens how ever it happens.