Branch Rickey's Persevering Journey

By: Sydney W.

First Experience

When Branch Rickey first experienced what segregation did to others it was with one of his black players and the player was so frustrated that he was scratching his hands trying to make them white. Rickey from then on was determined to do something so ever since then he has kept trying to do whatever he could to help prevent that and he stayed awake at nights thinking about what to do. (289)

Rickey's Persevering Plan

He knew people would be against him if they found out his true idea so he did all he could to hide it and if it ever got out he could’ve been in serious trouble. Branch Rickey did all he could to make his idea work and he never gave up. (290)

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This shows Branch Rickey’s success with Jackie Robinson after his hard work.

Sincere Deals

“He had me transfixed as he spoke. I could feel his sincerity, and I began to get a sense of how much this major step meant to him.”

Jackie Robinson is describing how much this meant to Rickey, how far he has gotten to get his idea to work, and how much he wants this. (293)

Feeling of Strength

“The rumbling voice, the theoretical gestures were gone. He was speaking from a deep, quiet strength.”

Rickey wants this idea to work so bad he’ll do anything even if its pleading to get Robinson to agree. (293)

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Branch Rickey is trying his best to get Jackie Robinson to agree and he won’t give up.

Book Source:

Robinson, Jackie. "The Noble Experiment." Comp. Alfred Duckett. The Language of Literature. Vol. 7. Evanston: McDougal Littell, 2002. 288-95. Print.