The Northeast

By: Reginald Remble

Move to the Northeast

If you love the suburban/city areas, then the Northeastern United States is the area for you. With rare countryside, the area is always busy with activities and is a piece of history as it includes the Statue of Liberty (a major tourist site) and other major landmarks. There are also a plethora of job opportunities in this area.


The Northeast has many intriguing geographic features. The elevation is a little higher as the Appalachians run through the Northeast. The climate is a generally cold as a result, which is good for your children in the winter time when the snow is out and the fun begins. It runs through a slew of historical states, which are as follows:

  • Maryland
  • Delaware
  • Pennsylvania
  • Massachusetts
  • Connecticut
  • Maine
  • Rhode Island
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Vermont
  • New Hampshire

As you can see, there an abundance of history right here just in the names.


Europeans had come over and claimed this region, which is why the current population is mostly Europeans. They came over with diseases and infected the Natives and kicked out the rest of them. We started the US and this region's states were in the following years:

  1. Connecticut - Jan 9, 1788
  2. Delaware - Dec 7, 1787
  3. Maine - Mar 20, 1820
  4. Maryland - Apr 28, 1788
  5. Massachusetts - Feb 6, 1788
  6. New Hampshire - Jun 21, 1788
  7. New Jersey - Dec 18, 1787
  8. New York - Jul 26, 1788
  9. Pennsylvania - Dec 12, 1787
  10. Rhode Island - May 29, 1790
  11. Vermont - Mar 4, 1791

These states are a huge piece of history as several of them started off the United States. They used to have their own government, but soon arose conflict as they would not agree with other states and state members over how the state is to be ran. After rebellions by people against the court system and the Articles of Confederation, the US decided to create a new government and name Washington D.C. as its central government home.


Some natural resources of the Northeast is oil, coal, iron ore, granite, and Vermont Maple Syrup (makes for a delicious breakfast). A major company of the Northeast is Dell, one of the best technology businesses ever created. The major imports of this region is natural gas and the major export of this region is fishing. The unemployment rate of people who actually look for jobs is about 6.2%. This region has a variety of transportation devices such as trains, monorails, airplanes, automobiles, subways, etc. that use the NEC (Northeast Corridor) and I-86 regularly. Some tourist events are as follows: Hershey Park, Cape Cod, Statue of Liberty, Paul Revere House, Time Square, etc.

Some major sports teams are the Steelers, Yankees, Red Sox, Flyers, Eagles, 76ers, Celtics, Huskies, and many more.


The population size is just over 55 million, with 60% of it being Italians. They moved here to find better job opportunities.