Weekly Update

May 14, 2016

KCS Staff,

With the number of events going on it is important to work together and make sure the small details are covered...and you did a great job of working together to make all of the events a success. Thank you.


MCAs have been completed!!!

Thank you to everyone who worked to get the MCAs completed successfully. I understand how difficult it is to rearrange schedules, give up classroom space and accommodate for these tests. A big thank you to Doug for being willing to operate his class from a laptop cart. Thank you, Amy White for always being willing to help out with setting up laptops and headphones. Thank you to everyone who proctored a session and those who "tested" the mints for the students. Without all of your support, it would not have gone as smoothly as it did.
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KPTO Funds

***All requests/reimbursements are due by May 20th at 3:30.***

Upcoming Events

May 17- Band/Choir Concert 6:30

May 19- Music Program, Grades 1-2 6:15, Grades 3-6 7:15

May 20- Battle of the Books 12:45

May 26- Track and Field Day 9:30-1:00, Thursday Theater Grades 5-11 2:45

May 27- DARE Graduation- Grade 5, Kickball Tournament- Grades 6-11

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16 Days...or 16 Opportunities?

We are reaching the point in the year when people begin to count the number of days left in the school year. To be completely honest, I had to bring up a calendar to count the days. Instead of viewing the number above as how many days we have left, focus on the mindset of opportunities to make a difference.

Consider this, we have many students who rely heavily on the support and structure that school provides. If we choose to pack up, take things down, and prepare to shut down early, we are cheating them out of opportunities.


Thank you, Rashel Lane, for your excellent work with our students. You have done a great job getting to know our students, working to support their academic and emotional needs, presenting to our High School students and collaborating with teachers to offer suggestions.

Thank you to the 3rd and 4th grade teachers for operating successful Service Learning Projects. The level of student effort, teamwork, parent involvement and the amounts donated to the organizations will make a significant impact. Well done, teachers.

Thank you, First Grade Team, for putting on a great event for the students and families. Knowing the amount of planning and attention to detail that was taken such as requesting chair set up, teaching out to families about dismissal and coordinating the event made it much easier from a logistics perspective. Thank you.