Window into Challenge

Empowering parents to Home School though High School

With over 10 years combined Challenge experience!

Jennie Degerath has directed all the upper Challenge levels and was the first to graduate a Challenge class in Texas, which included her twin boys. Her heart is to encourage moms that they CAN finish the race of home schooling with great triumph.

Jennifer White is passionate about Classical Conversations because it offers academic excellence, parent equipping, and encouragement, all within the context of a Biblical Worldview. Jennifer learned of CC during a time of seeking support, accountability, and encouragement to continue her homeschooling journey. She found the program to be an answer to prayer. Jennifer has held several roles in CC leadership, including directing 2 challenge level programs. She is eager to share her insights about Challenge and the blessings of being an active member of CC.

Window Into Challenge

Saturday, Jan. 23rd 2016 at 9am-4pm

1032 Pat Booker Road

Universal City, TX

Held in the sanctuary, please bring a light coat if needed.

We will have a lunchtime at noon. You may bring a sack lunch or grab a meal at a local restaurant nearby.

Join us for information on our complete curriculum with emphasis on the high school years.

You can do it...we can help!

Our Challenge programs are for students from the age of 12 through high school graduation. We offer rigorous academics, leadership from trustworthy mentors, and positive peer relationships. Students find they learn more than they ever thought possible when they are challenged and encouraged by their tutors and peers. We believe that the intent of education is to teach a child how to learn. Our Challenge programs are designed to cultivate wisdom and virtue through classical, Christian community, in order to know God and to make Him known.

What makes us different? Integrated Ideas and Personal Relationships

We believe subjects cannot be taught in isolation. In higher learning, math finds its application in science; similarly literature analysis cannot be separated from philosophy, theology, or history. Our Challenge tutors lead students through seminars with a two-fold purpose: first to develop a strong personal relationship with the student, that can lead them to a close personal relationship with their Savior; second to lead the integration of ideas, skills, and concepts.