Events- Mentor's Trade

BMS Summer Reading Assignment - Adriano Lopez

Mentor's Trade

In chapter eight, page 69 we encounter Jean and Matty talking about how Mentor traded his "Deepest Self" for "Stocktender's widow". This meant that Mentor traded what I think is his life for a better looking version of himself. With the trade Mentor became a changed man both physically and emotionally. His personality went from being nice and pleasant to being grumpy and self-centered. He stopped caring for the sick and wounded and reading to the kids at school. Mentor physical appearance started to change from being slouchy to started to walk tall. His bald spot and red birthmark also started to disappear making him look more desirable.

This event became a turning in the novel because is where the Village people started to vote to close the Village to newcomers. It is this event that prompts Seer to send Matty to notify all other nearby Villages about the closing of the gates and to retrieve his daughter Kira. This led to the climax of the story when Matty becomes weak and sick in the Forest and Leader goes out to rescue him and Kira. Matty becomes the hero of the novel by sacrificing himself for the well-being of others.