Don't Forget About Alzheimers

By: Julian Gambino

Why I choose this topic?

Being a football player and fan, I know how much football players bang their heads against one another. Research has shown that the constant banging of the heads has lead to Alzheimer's in football players. This makes me curious to what happens to the brain.

What is Alzheimers?

Alzheimers is a disorder that cause problems in memory, thinking and behavior.Eventually the person won't be able to do simple task.

What Happens to the Brain?

In Alzheimer’s disease, a protein shows up in clumps that is not suppose to be there in the brain. This protein covers the nerve cells and the neurons stop functioning. This interrupts the signal to the other neurons and they eventually die off causing problems to the memory and thinking parts of the brain.This makes the brain shrink.

Important Research and Experiments

Alzheimer's disease is named after Dr. Alois Alzheimer. In 1906, Dr. Alzheimer did a autopsy over a women who died from mental illness. He saw that the brain tissue had change and noticed that her symptoms were memory loss, speaking problems and behavior issues. This lead to the discovery of Alzheimes.

Interesting Facts

- Women are at a higher risk for Alzheimers
- Educations can lower your risk
- About 5.3 million of Americans have Alzheimers
- Every 70 seconds someone is diagnosed with Alzheimers
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