Education and Training

formal education programs in carpentry can come a apprenticeship with a construction union. At the work site, People learn the properties of wood, metal, glass, concrete, plastic and other materials. They also learn about exterior and interior finishing, structural design, layouts, form building and rough framing. In the classroom, carpenters learn blueprint reading, freehand sketching, work site safety, first aid and basic mathematics.

colleges and institutes also offer carpentry programs at the certificate and associate's degree level. Many of these programs are sorted with unions and contractors and are roughly equivalent to apprenticeships, although they may be shorter in time. Classes may cover all the subjects of an apprenticeship through combination of textbook and hands-on studies. Employers may have a favorite opinion of school-trained workers and hire them at a higher rate of pay than untrained workers


The salary of a carpenter depends on what type of carpenter he is. If you are a regular carpenter your looking around $45,000. If you are and cabinetmaker and bench carpenter then your salary is about $35,000. if you are a carpenter helper then you will make about $25,000


Skill Requirements

To be a carpenter you cant be weak and unhealthy. You need strength because you will most likely be carrying wood, tiles, an ect. You need strength to carry all you equipment. If you don't have strength you cant be carpenter because then how will you carry all you tools and equipment
Carpenter - What is it and how do you become one?