Sports Team Executive Needed!

Warriors Need New Team Executive For The 2013-2014 Season!

Job Description:

In this job you will be required to advertise the team and get as many people in attendance as possible with the lowest amount of cost. You will be put through many situations like this, trying to make it cheaper and more effective to advertise for the team so we can make a profit. You will also be required to determine the statistics in every aspect form how well a player will do in certain circumstances to the numbers published in news papers. You job is to use your knowledge in statistics to get this team through the season effectively as possible.


Professional Sports Teams use statistics daily as they make decisions about the successful operation of their business. Team executives use attendance data to determine how to best market their product. They also use statistics to set standards on how much money they will pay their players. As teams prepare to select players for the draft or look at possible players that they might want add to their roster, a statistical analysis of performance is used. The statistical analysis done by sports teams goes beyond the simple numbers published in the newspaper. Team executives do in-depth studies to project how a player will do under different circumstances to determine how that player might fit into a new situation before they decide to get them for their team.

- Background in Statistics

- BA in traditional MBA, Law Degree, Sports, or Undergraduate Business Degree

- Experience in Sports Management for at least 5 years