Meteor Impact

Is it Dangerous

What are the odds? ?

       So what are the odds of a debre comng from space to hit us. Well the odds are actually high that is because we live in earth and earth is in space and in space there is tens of trillions of comets, stars, meteors and lots lots more. But if it were a mass extinction kind of meteor, scientist say that one that would kill all life on earth only hits every twelve thousand years.  

What Happens when a Meteor Enters the Atmosphere??

When a meteor enters the earths atmosphere it is then called a meteor. Well depending on the size and mass it will burn up the atmosphere where it enters.

What is "EJECTA"??

Well ejecta is material that is forced or thrown out. For example a volcanoc eruption. This is related to meteror impacts because when a meteor hits all the magma is ejected around the area where it hit. This also depends on the size and mass to the ejection pf magma in smaller words how far the effect goes.

How are organisims effected??

It effects the whole "thing" because it can kill the whole food chain.