Push and pull factors

Some of the reasons Indian people leave India and come to Minnesota is that India has a lot of droughts, lack of jobs, and a lot of flooding. Here in Minnesota, we really don't experience any drought. We do have so floods here and there, but not all the time. And we have many jobs near St.Paul and Minneapolis.

Ravensteins Laws of Migration

Out of the 7 laws, the Indian people fell under 5. And they are; Most migrants settle in urban areas, Most migration is rural to urban, Most migrants are adults, 20-34, Most migration occurs in steps, Most international migrants are young males. And the 2 they didn't fall under are; Most migrants only travel a short distance, "Counter flow."

Where They Live and What They Do For Jobs

Most of the Indian people who moved here from India live in the St. Paul, Minneapolis area. for jobs they mainly work at IT companies( Information Technology Companies).

The current challenges

We'll most of these people aren't used to the " Minnesota Weather." But people might not be accepted by Americans. And it might be hard to find a job, but that shouldn't be really a problem.