Sterxy Trading Co. Ltd

Sterxy: Making Traditional Chinese Art Available to All

Sterxy was started in June 2014 by Stella Zhou. She developed a love of the Chinese culture on a trip to visit a true craftsman who was producing an anniversary gift for her parents. She started this company to make the beautiful products created through 5,000 years of practicing the traditional art readily available to the rest of the world. Strexy offers worldwide and speedy delivery for their treasured customers as well as ensuring that each and every item is a handpicked, high-quality product that displays the traditional Chinese art.

Sterxy offers products of all kinds including categories in Women's, Men's, Kid's, Home Decor, Kitchen, Stationery, Lifestyle, and Occasions. In their women's department, you can find a wide range of backpacks, shoulder bags, clutches, jewelry, and gloves. Their large selection of gorgeous and durable handbags is especially impressive. In Men's, they offer hats, wallets, and an assortment of interestingly decorated ties. The ties with the dragon embroidery are very intricate and enticing. The Kid's section has a wide range of oriental style clothing for girls and boys as well as toys. They offer different kinds of dolls, stuffed toys and building bricks. They also have 3D wooden puzzles that model traditional buildings such as Tea Houses or Ancient Hostels. Their Chinese style barbies are amazingly detailed and beautiful, perfect for any little girl who loves dolls. In Home Decor, you will find everything from wall hangings to incense burners. The embroidered pillow covers come in all sorts of designs and colors to complement almost any decorating style. They also offer miniature models of traditional Chinese furniture. In Stationery and Electronics Accessories, you will find iPad covers, phone covers, notebooks, and pen holders in a huge variety of designs including a few pieces featuring the legendary Bruce Lee. In the Lifestyle section, they offer things like eye masks, car headrests, neck pillows, and other random convenience items decorated in the gorgeous oriental style. The Folding Hand Fans they offer are amazingly painted in many different designs. Lastly, in the Occasions section, you will find a large selection of accessories, gifts, and cards themed for the Chinese New Year or a Wedding.

Sterxy's collection of beautiful products truly showcase the amazing talent of the Chinese culture for art and embroidery. Any of these high-quality pieces will make a wonderful addition to your home or the home of a friend or family member who also has a passion for Chinese beauty.

Sterxy Trading Co. Ltd is a reliable online shopping store to display the charm of the traditional Chinese culture through a fine collection of Chinese handicrafts and products relates to
Chinese elements. Offering a wide range of Chinese/oriental gifts with the design clothing, accessories, toys and decorations.