7 Burgundy Newsletter


Important dates and Upcoming Events

5/6:PARCC Language Arts Test

5/8: Science Final

5/11: Sex Ed starts in Science Class (If student is in Alternate Science, this class is only offered during P1, so student schedules are subject to change!)

5/19: Social Studies Common Asessment

5/20 or 21: Language Arts Novel & Literary Elements Test

5/27 or 28: Language Arts Vocabulary Final and Math final

5/29: 7th gr. Awards 10:30--students may go home with parents afterward

5/29: Last day of School

***FLARE applications are available and due by May 12th!! If your student is interested in joining FLARE (an exclusive science club offered only in 8th grade) then please see our website: https://sites.google.com/a/staff.asd20.org/f-l-a-r-e/

Only completed applications turned in by May 12th will be taken into consideration as possible membership!!!!

Social Studies


What a whirl-wind tour of Ancient times, wrapping up Greece and Rome with projects for both topics. Students spent a week in the library using databases to research information to create a website on Ancient Greece. Students are using the app, "Explain Everything", to create a presentation as to whether they would or would not have preferred to live during Ancient Roman times.

We will finish out the school year using some cross-curricular opportunities to examine the Middle Ages through the lenses of Language Arts and social Studies. Topics will include: Were the Middle Ages characterized more by hope or despair?, creating a medieval manor map, the crusades and the Plague.

Language Arts

All Language Arts and Lint & Comp students continue to work on their Medieval Historical Fiction unit. Students are reading books set in the Middle Ages, and Mrs. Webber and Mrs. Busler have planned some cross-curricular activities to bring Social Studies and Language Arts together for the last few weeks of school as our studies overlap.

Students continue to have vocabulary homework and quizzes due on block days, and the last two weekly writings of the quarter (revisions of their African Fables) will be due on Fridays, as they have been all year.


Both classes have just finished with their work on probability and percents. We will starting a short unit on data for the first few weeks of May. Students will gathering data and using it to make conclusions about populations. There will be a unit test around May 15th on this topic. Students will then be preparing for their final which is on May 27/28, depending on their block day. This will be a cumulative final, however students will be reviewing the week before the final to help them prepare. If a student is leaving early for the school year they will have to take the final before they leave.


The month of May will be filled Genetics and Human Sexuality Curriculum. For the first and last week of May, we will spend some time discussing Heredity and Genetics. This unit always brings up questions and reasons as to "why we look the way we do." So, be prepared for you student to come home with questions as to who has "brown eyes" or "widow's peaks!"

From May 11th - 20th, I will be teaching the Human Sexuality Curriculum approved by Academy District 20. If you have chosen to have your student attend the alternative science class, he or she will be in that class from May 11th to May 22nd. Also, the alternative science class is only offered during first period for 7th grade. So, I will talking to each student that will have a schedule change during this time.

On a personal note: It has been a pleasure to have your son or daughter in my science classes this year! It has been a good group of kids!! I look forward to seeing them again next year in the science hall.

Important Dates:

5/8: Science Final (Commom Assessment that is given to all 7th grade science students)

5/11 - 5/20: Sex Ed

5/21 & 5/22: Mrs. Gaunce is out for a FLARE campout - no Sex Ed will be taught during this time