Arrows Nest Memphis

A Refuge for Children in Crisis

'Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward of him, Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are children born in one's youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full.' PSALM 127:3-5

Arrows Nest serves as a refuge of comfort and love for children in crisis in the Memphis area, and an open door for friends and neighbors who may have never experienced being welcome and accepted into the family of Christ. We host children who live here full-time, visit here short term, attend backyard bible clubs, and have an open door for children to have a safe place to play when school is out. Here, family comes in all colors, sizes, and backgrounds to support and love one another with Christ at the center of it all.


MK Hill - I grew up in church and attended Christian school, but the gospel really came to life while working with children from hard places. I have participated in 20+ overseas mission trips, and love to serve and love alongside people from various backgrounds. Upon returning to Memphis, I began connecting with some of the cities' children who are living with homelessness, extreme poverty, abuse, incarcerated parents, mental illness, human trafficking, neglect, and found that the need right here is urgent for people and places to come alongside and be available to those in crisis situations. I moved from the middle class suburbs, to a very low-income urban neighborhood and have lived for 3 years with an open door for dozens who need a place to call home for a day, a month, or forever while caring for the physical and spiritual needs of those around me. I do not do it alone however, as I have a strong support system of friends and family who are consistently providing materials, food, activities, community, prayers, and resources for all involved in this home.


I believe that all who claim to be a Christian are called according to His purpose, which is to know Christ and to make Him known. My personal call is to children in crisis. I am a State of Tennessee - Department of Children's Services Resource Parent, as well as a host home for Safe Families for Children. This means I have various children living under my roof at all times, and strive to provide them with a holistic gospel centered environment for however long they are with me, and to send them out into the world to share the love and light that they experienced here. These children often have multiple appointments a week with court dates, counseling/therapy, doctors appointments, educational requirements, and legal meetings regarding their cases. The emotional toll that all of these things take on a child can be overwhelming and require a lot of intensive interaction and encouragement daily and nightly reminding them of their value and purpose on earth. Providing a safe and comfortable place where they can come home and color while listening to calming worship music, or jump on the trampoline with no fear of where their next meal will come from, is therapeutic and healing for these children who are in such trials. During the summer months and school holidays, Arrows Nest will be a hosting site for Street Reach ministries to conduct VBS style camps inviting dozens of neighborhood children to hear the gospel, play games, and eat a good meal that may otherwise not since the schools normally provide the most consistent food source. We have been able to provide meals, clothing, education, and spiritual support for many children and hope to continue to meet as many needs as possible as we gain support and resources.


The investment and availability that these situations require is a 24/7 job. The crisis situations and emotional needs do not run on a schedule, or go away when the clock hits a certain time. I have had calls at 3am to run and pick up 5 children whose house was on fire, a teen have a panic attack and have police at my house at 1am, and had a court date that took up 10 hours of a day for one young child. I've had Child Protective Services on my couch, FBI on the phone, and Human Trafficking workers say that they wish they were in foster care so that they could stay at Arrows Nest. The main thing that I feel God is calling me to be is 'available' - available to those with urgent needs, who I have experienced for years now have no means to meet or solve the trials that they may be facing without the love and help from an individual who is willing to walk with them hand in hand and encourage them through the hard times while pointing them to Jesus for strength and hope. The crisis calls can't be predicted, nor can the children showing up at your door with no shoes on and nowhere to get a drink of water because mom kicked them out again and told them not to come back until dark.


Memphis, TN is the city where I grew up, often hearing about the crime and negative sides of things. For a while, I wanted to move overseas and serve in an orphanage where I thought the more urgent need was. I have always been highly empathetic and also pretty curious and driven to understand the deeper reasons of why things happen. When I am passionate about something, I tend to go in with all that I've got. Moving into the rough, and living among those in the trenches just seems to me like what Jesus would do, and it is exactly where I feel that He has called me to be. Since connecting with the grit and the reality of the brokenness in Memphis, I absolutely know this is where I am called to stay. A 5 bedroom home was donated to the children, and all beds and furnishings came flowing in when the news spread about the home. Dozens of children have already found a place to lay their head when in urgent need, and I hope to provide this space to countless more in the future. The neighborhood children have gathered daily waiting for my car to pull in the driveway so that they can play, and their parents are intrigued as they observe the open and loving environment that we are striving to create here.


I often get questions about why and how I do all of this, and the simple answer is Jesus. Practically living out the gospel and a biblical life means laying down your own comforts and going to the places where you see the most need. I continue to say yes when I receive the hard calls for cases that no other home will accept, because how could a true Christian with open beds say no to a child who God calls his beloved, and are the orphans and the widows who He calls us to go to in James 1. The statistics are outrageous, and once you have been inside the homes of hundreds of families in extreme poverty, there is no possible way to go on with daily life and not do all that you can to support them. Choosing to get into the mess of others' stories is hard, and I believe God calls us to do hard things and to make the most of our time here on earth for His glory.

I have had children in my front yard asking to go to church with me, and I have had to tell them no because I couldn't fit any more in my car. This breaks my heart, thinking of how many cars have empty seats which could occupy a soul begging to go and hear the gospel.


Arrows Nest strives to use our story and our resources to support those living in our home, those whom we come in contact daily, and those who desire to learn from us. We plan to begin funding by looking for monthly supporters who will make a two-year commitment to consistent donations. If just 20 people commit to giving $100 a month, Arrows Nest will be able to run with all main needs met. Smaller and one-time donations will be accepted, but we must provide monthly income reports to the State, so this is the preferred method. Planning and process is underway to reserve a non-profit account where donations can be directly deposited and automatically withdrawn to provide the easiest process for all.

Current Material needs-

Childrens clothing and shoes- all sizes


Sports Equipment

Kids Picnic Table




Weekly popsicle and monthly pizza during summer

Weekly bible study leaders

Men to disciple and build relationships with young boys

(30+ boys)

This is Arrows Nest

A refuge for Memphis children in crisis, providing holistic care and support to the children and families that cross our path. Striving to daily and hourly reflect Jesus to those desperate for the hope and love that only He can provide.

MINISTRY Connects/Support

  • Department of Children's Services
  • Safe Families for Children
  • Fellowship Memphis
  • Mercy Hill Missional Community
  • Downline Ministries
  • Memphis Athletic Ministries
  • Binghampton Development Corporation
  • Street Reach Memphis
  • Restore Corps.
  • Memphis Family Connection Center
  • 1:17 Moms Foster/Adoptive Moms Group
  • Vollintine Evergreen Community Association
  • Living Hope - Vollintine Evergreen
  • Collierville First Baptist Church
  • Arrows Nest Tribe(friends and family)

It takes a village to raise a child, thank you for being a part of ours.

VENMO - @MK-Hill-1