April Specials Have Arrived !

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New Products & New Specials! Happy Spring!

What a great time of year this is - I absolutely love spring time in Texas! The bluebonnets are blooming, the weather is great, and overall I have a renewed sense of taking control of my health and my life!

I would love if you joined me this month to help share the message behind Pure Haven Essentials! Will you host a party and help me reach my goal of FOUR in-home, LIVE parties? You and all of your friends will be amongst the first to try out our new spa line and YOU will receive a free gift from me just for hosting! <3

Scroll down to the bottom to check out my monthly event details, as well! If you're local you can try ALL of the newly released products!

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My Why

Becoming a mom has been an incredible roller coaster ride! There are so many things to question, research, question again, and then make decisions on. Those questions began before Jessi had ever made her entrance into the world! I learned some statistics while I was pregnant and from that moment forward I knew I needed to make a change. Enter Pure Haven Essentials. Safe products that I can TRUST for my family. Safe products that I can share with my friends. There is nothing more important to me than helping to educate others on this issue so that we can ALL live a long, happy life! Want to know more about where I started in this journey and how I've made it to this point? Ask!

Take a minute to read the article below detailing a study done by UC Berkeley. The drop in chemical exposure in teen girls after switching out toxic cosmetics is proof that change is desperately needed!

Coffee, Chatting, and Tossing Toxins

Thursday, April 14th, 6:30pm

1101 C-bar Ranch Trail

Cedar Park, TX

If you are local, please come join me at Starbucks on the 14th! This will be a super relaxed get-together - I'll bring my products (including ALL of the newly released goodies) and you can try them out!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Hailey Cofty


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