Theatre with Purpose

Plays that will make a difference to who they become!

Socially relevant theatre develops in young people, not only a sense of right and wrong, but the ability, initiative, and courage to take steps to correct social ills.

With these plays, the generation that will be the leaders of tomorrow, become acquainted with a range of relevant issues and begin to think about them in a way that encourages discourse and a free exchange of ideas and offers solutions.

Create change. One play at a time!

Participating teens begin to develop

a sensitivity and a social conscience,

a compassion for the underdog,

an antenna for injustice,

an involvement with issues

and a responsibility towards finding solutions to the problems that afflict our society.

Plays that encourage thought and action!

So much more than just a play!

Theatre with a conscience!

Every aspect of the production will be handled by teenagers, making them 'responsible' in every sense of the word.

Whether they are actors or are working backstage, everyone goes through the same drill of discussions and interactions to understand the issue from every perspective.