Andrew Jackson

The Trail Of Perspectives | By Kimberly Partlow

1830's Indian Removal Act

President Andrew Jackson and other political leaders wanted to open the land the native american's (Indians) "owned". Under pressure, Jackson forced congress to pass the "Indian Removal Act". This law had stated that it authorized the removal of the Native Americans who lived east of the Mississippi River to lands of the west. From this they (Congress) established "Indian territory" to Oklahoma.

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1838's "Trail of Tears"

Because of the "Indian Removal act", the Indians were forced to go on their journey to their land. This journey was a 800-miles, taking months to march. This became named the Trail of Tears. Families of the Cherokee had past away on the march from sickness, frostbite, and harsh weather. On this trail 18,000 Cherokee died marching.

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Spoils System

As president, Jackson rewarded some of his supporters. He rewarded them with government related Jobs. This "Spoils System" is the practice of giving government jobs to political backers. This "spoils system" comes from the saying "To the victor belong to the spoils (Valued goods) of the enemy"

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Political Cartoon

Andrew Jackson spoils his supporters with riches and rewards. (Spoils System)
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To Editor - From Cherokee Father

Dear Editor,

I am displeased by the economy you "people" have set up. You vote for the most ridiculous reasons, and kill for civic-virtue. You moved my family and our tribe to the smaller "but fair" lands. At first we befriended you, taught you, and helped you. We did everything we could to make you feel welcome to our/your land. Then you threw us away like rotten fish. You didn't forget about us, you didn't like us, you envied us and our society. You were jealous that we weren't what you thought we were. You thought we were "savages". You thought we were beasts of a man. Uncontrollable dogs! You thought we could be domesticated, and to be taught what is right and what is wrong. But then you were upset when you found that we weren't "savage" beings, and we had our own language, schools, homes, businesses of trade, and our own constitution. You hated this because you thought ", only white men could withhold such strength in economy."

Andrew Jackson, the president of the United States of America. You rewarded your "supporters". They didn't support you, they just thought you were "nice" because you let the poor vote. Still men, still white, but poor. You made your economy take one step up, well, a very small step. In our tribes our women are not property, they are not controlled as pets. We still have certain jobs and errands but they are not pets. Also, they cannot vote in "white man's" economy. African american males cannot vote. In our tribes we do not have skin preferences. We stay in the sun and we work hard for our families, there is no time to judge another for their skin. Finally, you reward them for voting for you, like you are giving a bone to your dog for doing a trick right. This is unbelievable and an outright dimwitted thing to do. You "white men" and your "pets and property".

Your, Mr.Jackson, "Indian Removal Act" was a nice touch to add just to make us move out. You said it was a "fair" thing to do. That this was "following the constitution" and "the law". We have our own constitution, and our own laws. You made us move to smaller lands, with less resources. We "had" go there because our Constitution that we made, was ruled out by yours. Stating you had more authority to do so than us. You had forced us to move. Told us there were more ways and means there, than in our land. But, if there was then why do you want less sustenance?

You hurt our tribe. And you killed my brothers and sisters. You caused disease. You caused death. You caused my daughter to cry and yearn for medical attention. You caused my newly pregnant wife to buried. You caused my son to cough. You caused my son to cry. You caused my son to breath his last on this trail. On this march we were all heartbroken and torn as you killed members of our family and the ones we called "home". And..You...Andrew Jackson...even named it.

-A newly widowed Cherokee father

To Editor - From A White Male Plantation Owner

(I will be quite blunt as this is written from an adult white man's perspective.)

Dear Editor,

Yes! I am free to trade and work and enslave others without the work and the help of those savage beasts! They were tiring and intimidating our every move as an economy. Dumb Indians!

Now, I'm not poor so I didn't have to worry about your rewards to your supporters. I didn't bother going to your after party, I'm not a social guy. I found it intriguing to find out you, Mr. Jackson, had let the poor folks vote. I was surprised, but not upset.

The "Indian Removal Act" huh? I thought you were joking at first, but when you forced them out like the dogs they were, I said to myself, "I will vote for you again!" You are one enforcing man Andrew and I'm okay with that.

Them bastards should have died earlier! Thank god their population have gone down from "the trail of tears". Families torn apart, rub it off not a big deal. Homesick, deal with it. Death, why do you Savages care, beasts don't have feelings. Thanks for killing off a worthless breed of wild animals. Like l'd I care if they die. Like I said, they don't have feelings. And they are poor, and their skin is different, so they should be treated like the scum of the earth and the slaves they are supposed to be. Treating us like they are civil people, pathetic.

-A Happy Plantation Owner