Media Monday - Vol. 26

Socrative Student Response System

Socrative - Easy to Use and Free!

Socrative is another student response system similar to Poll Everywhere, but allows you to have more flexibility when engaging your students in questioning style. Multiple choice, true/false, or open ended answers are all an option for you to use with your students. You can use this app on smartphones, tablets, and laptop/desktops. The teacher controls what the kids see and when and can run reports of student responses through Google Docs or Excel Spreadsheets. See below for how Socrative can work in your classroom!

Go to and create a login and classroom!

Once you have created a free Socrative account, you will get a classroom number. This is the code you will give to your students when they are in Socrative. In your account you can see how many students are in the room and choose the questioning activity you want to do. See picture below!

Choose your settings for the activity!

Do you want single or unlimited responses. You can require the students to login so you can track answers but that is more time consuming.

Choose your questioning style and create your question!

Socrative even offers Exit Ticket Questioning

Teams can answer questions in the Space Race option!

You can put students in teams to race to quickly answer quiz questions in the Space Race Option.

Clear the Room and Create a New Question!

As soon as you are done collecting responses, you can clear the room and start again. Your classroom number never changes.

Remember - you control when they can enter your room and you can preview responses before allowing them to be viewed.