Romanticism & Civil Disobedience


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Gandhi Leader Response #1

- Gandhi's most important idea was protesting with no violence because the British government was putting tax on salt that they owned so Gandhi wanted change like his quote " You must be the change you wish to see in the world" so he wanted change so he protested with non-violence against the British for freedom for the India and Separation from the British government.

- Responce

My response to gandhi's ideas and what I think about think is Gandhi is a great leader and he fought what he believes in and in his own quote "You must be the change you wish to see in the world" so i agree with his quote because you you should be the change in the world like he is changed for the freedom of india and separation from the British government and he did the India from the British government.

- One example is that Gandhi protested with non-violence for the freedom of the India. for details Gandhi was no happy that the British government taxed salt that the india owns and he wanted to make change for the indian people so he protested with non-violence for the separation of the British and the changed the Gandhi did he turned india in to a free country.

Henry David Thoreau Leader Response #2

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Henry David Thoreau

- Henry David Thoreau most important ideas was that he wrote about government. Thoreau thinks is government is better to lead a country or no government for the people. I think no government is better because you individuals can be happy and free to do anything they want but on the bad side of no government things would get out of control so I am in the middle so thing would be equal for the individuals for the country. Another thing Henry David Thoreau wrote about is Individualism. Individualism is being independent and doing whats right to him or your self. I agree with individual and Thoreau idea of it because I think him/her should do what right for them because it is better to do what the conscience says then be controlled by law and the law limits you to do your own thing and this I agree with Thoreau with Individualism and in the middle of government or no government.

-My response to Henry David Thoreau and his work. In one of his quotes he said "Why has every man a conscience then? I think that we should be men first, and subjects afterwards" I agree with Thoreau because we should do supportive stuff and then subjects afterwards. I like it because we should man up face the problems and work on them then after you solve your problems then be a subject afterwards.

- Some example and details about Henry David Thoreau he was arrested for not paying no polly tax. a polly tax is a tax that every adult has to pay for requirements for voting and he was put in jail for one night and a day later a man payed his tax so he can be free. I think he never payed the polly tax because he believes in what he want and he don't want to pay for things that he does not like in the government.

Conclusion About Gandhi/Thoreau

The similarities and differences about Gandhi and Mandela. The similarities about Gandhi and Thoreau is that they both used Civil Disobedience. Civil Disobedience is the refusal of paying taxes and fines in a form of non violence protest. They both used this form of protest because they were not going to pay taxes. Gandhi was not going to pay his tax because the British government was putting taxes on salt were the indians can get it for free from the ocean so Gandhi protested with non-violence for the tax laws. For Thoreau's form of protest is that he was not going to pay polly tax for voting laws so Thoreau was put in jail for not paying the tax and the next day later a man payed his fine so he can be free and Thoreau used this form of protest to not pay any tax laws. These both Leaders used Civil Disobedience for not paying tax laws for the sign of protest which they never belived in so they fought in what they believed in and not pay any taxes or fines.

The differences between Gandhi and Thoreau is that Thoreau was not going to pay his polly tax because it was going to government and if you wanted to vote you have to pay a polly tax and everyone had to pay a polly tax. Gandhi was not going to pay the British monopoly for the salt tax for the government for the salt that the indian own.


-What I think about Individualism? I think Individualism is the right to do what ever you want to do and be your own person you choose to be.

-Do I agree or disagree? I agree with individualism because it is better to think for your self and not be brought down by others. Other may think it is selfish but i think it is doing what is right for you or the people around you. also I think it is better to believe in your heart and what it want and not what other want for them self or for you. For conclusion I think Individualism is good because I think it is better to stand out that be in a crowd where the leader decides for you.

- I think Individualism shape the whole world because It is better to think for your self and believe in your heart and what you want to be or how people see you work alone and do great thinks.


Quote - Optimism is the faith that leads to achievements. Nothing is done with out hope and confidence. - Helen Keller

I think its a good idea because optimism is the chance to achieve your goal and be better, but you have to have faith and confidence with out those key thing you won't get thing done.

Do I agree or disagree? I agree with optimism because optimism is having confidence and hopefulness about the futures successful outcome. I agree because having optimism going and seasing what you can and having faith of a successful out come and that will give you hope to help you achieve more goals you have but you just have to have optimism.

Optimism I think shapes and affects the American culture today because a lot of people have goals and achievements that want to have but they have to have confidence, hopefulness and they will be achieving their problems left and right to be a better person.

The Gandhi Rap - be the change u want to see


Quote : "I believe in intuitions and inspirations... I sometimes Feel that I am right, I do not know that I am." - Einstein

I agree with his quote because some times I feel that I am right in a way but i don't know that I am right, but I ask someone if I'm am right and if I get the same concept as them then I assume that Im okay.

I think Intuition is a good idea because it is the ability of knowing something right away. I think it is a good idea because if you know like in math knowing the times table and adding those to an variable and assuming that your are right and that makes you to know easily to do the equation.

I think Intuition shapes the world because Gandhi used intuition because he inspiriting and believing he feels right but he don't know if he is right but he is determine to do whats right for other people because he separated the British government from india so the indians could have freedom.


“Nice people don't necessarily fall in love with nice people.”
―Jonathan Franzen

I agree with Franzen because idealism is perusing ideal as satisfying someone on their concept of them being perfect or right. I agree with his quote because nice people does not necessary fail to have a connection with the same type of people as they are.

I think Idealism is a good idea because idealism is practicing of forming or pursuing their idea of perfect for someone.

also I think Idealism is having idea that that is perfect to you and not others ideas does not seen good to you.

I think Idealism shape the world because it is a way of an idea or connection that can work well with your friends and with you.