Lexy Pearson 1st hour


Ecstasy started being used in 1853 by the US army. It wasn't until 1970 Ecstasy was being used as a party drug. Ecstasy is made up of methamphetamine (MDMA), its usually comes in tablets of various sizes, colors with smiley faces, butterflies, hearts ect. It also can be injected or it can be in a liquid form. Signs of abuse of this drug is if they get hurt and don't realize it you can expect the use of Ecstasy another sign is if a person comes home from a all-night party and seems excited or energetic that a sign to of using Ecstasy. Ecstasy users are addicted to the feeling of love. Ecstasy makes you feel relaxed and feeling very happy has a urge to dance. After about 20 minutes you might feel hot or sticky mouth goes dry.

Slang/street names

  • Adam
  • beans
  • California sunrise
  • elephants
  • love pill
  • hug drug
  • scooby snacks
More common are: X, XCT, XE, MDMA

Short term/Long term effects

Short term effects
  • confusion
  • depression
  • sleep problems
  • severe anxiety
  • paranoia
  • faintness, chills, or swelling
Long term effects
  • long lasting brain damage affecting thought and memory
  • damage to portions of the brain that regulate functions critical such as learning, sleep and emotion.
  • kidney failure
  • death