By:Tristian .X. DeLeon

Reasons i Want to be a Lawyer

1. I know alot about being a lawyer already

2.It pays well

3.It sounds like it would be fun

Training and Education

You need at least a profesional degree or a doctoral degree to become a lawyer

Work Enviroment

As a lawyer You'll need to work indoors and outdoors.(Indoors while at your office outdoors while investigating) You will also work in a office and do fieldwork. You will also mainly work alone


As a Lawyer You Gain $115,000 per year and you gain per Hour


One thing That You can grow at as being a lawyer is Creating your own Lawfirm. Also The outlook fo being a Lawyer is Raising by 6%


Here Are Some of your Responcibilities as a Lawyer

1.Freeing People From a false acusation

2.Enforcing The Law

3. Finding Lies in Testiomoneys

4.Finding the Truth

5.Defending Clients

These are just some of the responcibilities For being a Lawyer


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Information: Bureau of Labor Statistics