Happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?

Unless it's the Arbonne Global Training & New Product Launch

We're not in Kansas, er Vegas, anymore

Having recently returned from our annual Global Training Conference in Las Vegas and new product launch and I am blown away. Arbonne is a $500M brand, and the number one network marketing company that gives back to the communities we're in. We're also launching incredible products at the cutting edge of science, health and beauty. I'm a natural skeptic, so if you can convince me of product merits, it's got to be good! And trust me, they really are!

New products mean special offers!

I love the new products that have been launched, but few things are more impactful than positive testimonials! If you are curious about any of the items outlined above, please let me know as I'd love to help you be among the first to experience them. I have no doubt it would be mutually beneficial ;)