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Clayton Ridge Schools: March 2021

Where Excellence is the Tradition

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Spielbauer Captures National Title

Congratulations to Clayton Ridge wrestler Samantha Spielbauer, National Recruiting Showcase Qualifier. Spielbauer is just a sophomore and earned a 2021 IWCOA Girls' State Championship.
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Iowa Immunization Law Requirements

Jody Pierce BSN RN

Clayton Ridge MS/HS Nurse

Iowa Immunization Law requires:

  • All students entering 7th grade to have the Meningococcal vaccine AND a Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, or whooping cough) booster before school starts in the fall.
  • All students entering 12th grade to have a second dose of the Meningococcal vaccine before school starts this fall. This dose must be given after the age of 16. (One dose meets the requirement if it was received when the child was 16 years of age or older.)

Students WILL NOT be allowed to start school in the Fall of 2021 without proof of these vaccines or a valid exemption on file.

Iowa Law also requires:

  • All students entering 9th grade have a dental screening by a dentist or dental hygienist within one year before the start of school, but no later than 4 months after the school year has started.

Please feel free to call or email with any questions.

CRHS Student Senate Brings Joe Beckman to the District

The Clayton Ridge High School Student Senate brought Joe Beckman, a motivational speaker, to the district to share his message. Beckman delivered a presentation to the elementary, to the middle school, to the high school, and to the staff.

Joe Beckman visited the Clayton Ridge Elementary and sent the message to be a Maker, a Taker, or a Faker. Ask students what this means to them. We had a fun time learning through music, dance, and motivation that centers around kindness and making a difference.

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Spring is in the Air!

Mrs. Katie Winch

MS Special Education

8th grader Avery Deutmeyer excited to show off the Easter decorations she made for the middle school staff!

Easter Fun

Mr. Wahls asked the fifth graders to hide Easter Eggs for the younger students today. It was the perfect day to hide and find eggs. The students were very excited. Happy Easter!

5th graders were the top dogs today as they were in charge of hiding Easter Eggs for all the other classes! They had so much fun hiding and watching the younger students find them. Enjoy some photos of excited, happy kiddos! HAPPY EASTER! No devices went home today. Enjoy time with family, nature, and make memories!

Stuffed Animal Day

Mrs. Kathy Connelly

3rd Grade Teacher

Elementary students were able to purchase a “stuffed animal day” for 15 tickets at a recent PBIS ticket store. Today some of the third graders brought stuffed animals to school. It was so warm that the stuffed animals were able to go outside!

Waiting for Chicks to Hatch

Ms. Ashlyn Hansen

2nd Grade Teacher

We received 7 fertilized eggs from the Fayette Farm Bureau. A representative came and explained the hatching process to the students. She talked about the incubator, life cycle of a chick, how to take care of them, etc. We then placed the eggs in the incubator and waited 21 LONG days for the chicks to hatch. Every day we worked on a hatching packet, learning more about our chicks each day, waiting for them to arrive. We placed 7 eggs in the incubator and only 2 hatched, so our odds weren't great, but at least we had a couple hatch. It was a great experience for the kids. They loved it! Most of them had never seen a chick before; I couldn't believe that. Students got to physically see one hatch and they thought that was really neat! We named one Sunshine and Shadow.

Dr. Seuss Week

Third Grade Vets Many Small Visitors

Mrs. Kathy Connelly

3rd Grade Teacher

Grandma Judy brought baby chicks to third grade today for the science unit “Living Things Grow and Change".

Science Class in Third Grade

The third-grade students in Mrs. Palmer and Mrs. Connelly’s classes have been observing the life cycle of Wisconsin Fast Plants in science class. Students used dried bees to pollinate the plants.

Brown's Reading Log Prize Day for Fifth Graders

Mrs. Jill Stannard

5th Grade Teacher

Fifth graders were excited to earn prizes for reading daily and turning in their Brown's Reading Logs!

5th Graders participate in Winter Survival Day at Osborne

Snowshoeing, Survival Pack Analysis, Scat CSI, Shelter building, and how so much fun!

What's Your Super Power?

Mrs. Sara Lawrence

5th Grade Teacher

Levi Kegel played two songs on his violin for us. He played "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and "Lightly Row."

The fifth graders all agreed that Levi is a very talented violinist. What is your super power?

A Leprachaun in Fifth Grade

Book Fair Love

Mrs. Stannard snuck a picture of Kaylee Nazarchyk reading her purchase from the book fair! She is so excited to read it!

Studying African Culture

Mrs. Michelle Scott

MS Social Studies & HS English

Seventh-grade social studies students have been studying Africa and today they were able to explore & study different items from an African culture box!

Hydraulic in Ag Exploratory

Mrs. Katie Winch

MS Special Education

8th graders in their Ag Exploratory class work on hydraulic projects with Ms. Beitz.

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Weather May Have Canceled School, But Pi Day Prevailed

Mr. Kolbet had to delay his annual Pi Day celebration this year because of winter weather. Mr. Kolbet's mom (Suellen) made 5 pies (2 apple, 1 cherry, 1 pumpkin, and 1 chocolate) for students to enjoy as they celebrated.

According to Wikipedia, Pi Day is an annual celebration of the mathematical constant π. Pi Day is observed on March 14 since 3, 1, and 4 are the first three significant digits of π. It was founded in 1988 by Larry Shaw, an employee of the Exploratorium. Celebrations often involve eating pie or holding pi recitation competitions.

Drive a Tractor to School Day

Rebecca Schumann drove her tractor to school today in honor of National Ag Day. Pictured are Alex Herzog and Rebecca Schumann.

Put Me In, Coach

Mrs. Bilden was swinging for the fences as students enjoyed the spring weather.

Photo credit: Ms. Lynette Pritchard

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Award Winners

Achievements in Athletics and Activities

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2021 16U Girls Folkstyle National Champion

Coach Jared Grinstead Sophomore Samantha Spielbauer on becoming the 2021 16U Girls Folkstyle National Champion and All-American!

Sam pinned her first opponent in the first period. Her second opponent was a state champion from Virginia, whom she pinned in the first period. Her third opponent was a two-time state champion from Tennessee, whom she also pinned in the first period. Great job, Sam!

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West Delaware's Red Carpet Gala: Cloud 9 wins 2A Championship

Mr. Adam Radcliffe

MS/HS Choir

Congratulations to Cloud 9! Results from West Delaware's Red Carpet Gala Show Choir Contest held on March 20:

Class 2A Champions

Best Female Soloist of the entire day - Kayla Kelly

Best Crew for the entire day

Overall 2nd Runner-Up for the entire day

You kids make us proud! Thank you to all the fans/parents who traveled to Manchester today to cheer for the group. We have the best support!

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Three Compete at State Individual Speech

Mrs. Nicole DeGidio

Speech Coach

Brooke Hansel performed "The HillWe Climb" for Poetry and earned a Division I and two Division II ratings, for an overall Division II rating at the State Contest. Brooke is a first-year speech participant! Brooke participated in the Large Group Speech State Contest and made it individually to the IE State Contest as well! Congratulations on your successes throughout the speech season, Brooke!

Danyel Rieck performed "Last Wish" for Prose and earned a straight Division II rating at the State Contest. Danyel is a second-year speech participant! Congratulations on making it to the State Contest, Danyel!

Chloe Stroschein performed "A Series of Helpful Post-Its" for Prose and earned a straight Division I rating at the State Contest. Chloe is a third-year speech participant and a senior! Congratulations on all of your success throughout your speech career and on earning a straight Division I rating, Chloe!

Schumann Represents CR at District FFA

Rebecca Schumann represented the Tri-Star FFA as a delegate at the District FFA Convention in Independence.

What's New at the Guttenberg Library?

Nancy Ruzicka
Youth Services Director

The library is now open regular hours.

Mon. 10-6

Tues. 10-5

Wed. 10-6

Thurs. 10-5

Fri. 10-5

Sat. 10-1

The meeting room is also open and available to be rented for private meetings.

Face masks are still required.

St. Mary's Students Art show will be featured here at the library April 19 and run through May 14.

Help decorate the Guttenberg Library.

This summer the library wants to decorate with butterflies to help celebrate the Umbrellla Arts summer theme "Choose Hope." We are asking the community to help us celebrate by putting butterflies up in their windows. The library will have butterfly templates for anyone wishing to decorate them and place them in their windows. A butterfly can also be decorated and brought back to the library for our windows to help in decorating.

Grab-n-go craft bags are always available in the lobby.

Words on Wellness

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2020-2021 District Calendar

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About Clayton Ridge Community Schools

Clayton Ridge Community School District has both a north and south campus. The northern campus is located in the midst of the rolling prairie of Garnavillo, Iowa and currently serves students in grades PK-5. The southern campus is situated among the picturesque Mississippi River bluffs and boasts a magnificent view of the mighty river and Lock & Dam 10 in Guttenberg, Iowa. The south campus serves middle school (6-8), and high school (9-12).