irun4life News

Week 1

Welcome to the 2014 Season of irun4life!

This year we have a total of almost 60 runners! That is amazing!

This week we want to focus on supporting your runner. Please make sure your runner is prepared each week by having a water bottle and sneakers on.

If your child is going to have a change in dismissal- please send an email to me ( by 3:00pm. I will be unable to check my email again until after 4:30pm.

Running during the week

Training other days besides Tuesday.

This week, your child will receive a running log. This is to be used at home. Every time your child runs a mile, please mark it. If you or another adult runs with your child for a mile- count it as two miles. Please help your child track and record his/her miles weekly. Be sure to remind your child to return the running log on Tuesdays. When they return it, we will document his/her miles and for every 5 miles they run they will receive a charm.

Who we are.....

Coaches- Caroline Scutt, Stephanie Haver, Guy Benthin PTO menbers

Allison Okolichany, Ashley DiLorenzo, FES staff members

Next Week.... Plus Snack Sign Ups

Jen Campbell and Melissa LuBuis are in charge of snacks for next week- March 18, 2014. Please coordinate with each other. We have 63 runners. Snacks should be healthy and if all possible put in baggies for easy distribution. Please no peanuts as we have a peanut allergy in our group.

Next week we will add the good deeds component. Stay tuned for more details.

Until then Happy Running!