Counselor Update

4th Quarter

Counseling Lessons with Tenacity

This quarter we will be finishing up the year with tenacity. At Cameron Park, we define tenacity as "Never, Ever Give Up." Because of end-of-the year activities, we will have two counseling lessons in each classroom.

Kindergarten- Second Grade: Career Exploration

In Kindergarten, we introduce the idea of a career and explore different careers that people have. The kids love the Career Day song. We play Career Bingo and read interesting books about careers.

In First Grade, we begin to think about the education, job responsibilities, and interests of each career. We play career jeopardy and complete a group presentation about one of 5 different careers- construction worker, teacher, doctor, firefighter, police office, and doctor.

In Second Grade, we will take an interest inventory with Jobs in Pawland and explore a career field that we are interested in. The kids will pair up with others interested in the same career field and work together to create a group presentation using the Jobs in Pawland website as a resource.

Third-Fifth Grade: EOG Test Preparation

In Third-Fifth Grade, we will be gearing up for the EOG! We will begin the first of two lessons by introducing the concept of a family crest or coat of arms. The coat of arms was used to express identity during medieval times and usually included a motto. Our students will create their own personal crest and motto to express their self-confidence.

In our second lesson, we will learn brain breaks that are appropriate to use during the EOG and participate in guided imagery to calm down and be ready for the test. I share these with the classroom teachers so they can implement during testing week as well!