BUC UP, Week 11

Engagement...Shadowing...Opportunities...March Madness

Happy Friday.......

Sending out next week's BUC UP date today......Hope you have had a great week!


Two quick easy reads below to continue to focus on

"Student Engagement" within your classes.

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Upcoming this week......SHADOW A STUDENT CHALLENGE

During the upcoming week, our department leaders, admin team, and members of the county office will be shadowing 21 of our BUC students.

Each day next week, 3-5 different students will be "shadowed" by an adult. The adults will be accompanying their student from the beginning of the day to the end, each block, and during lunch.

If they happen to be in your class next week, please introduce the adult and they can give a quick overview to the class as to why they are there for the day.

Following the walks, the leadership team will be reflect and turn the insights gathered into a presentation that will be shared with our staff in April.

Click on vimeo below for a quick overview.....

Welcome to the Shadow a Student Challenge

TEACHER LEADER ACADEMY...........Right here at the Toona

This is a great opportunity that we will be hosting right here this summer. Let me know if you are interested......you can click on the link below for more into and to apply!



Lots of great opportunities for technology professional development!

Click on link below for more information.


IN HONOR OF MARCH MADNESS......One of the best speeches of all time!

If you have not seen it, take the time to watch it.......

If you have seen it, take the time to watch it again!

Jimmy Valvano Inspiring Speech on Cancer - 1993 ESPY Awards