Mobile Apps

For Elementary Classrooms

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Sock Puppets

Sock Puppets is a free app that lets you direct and narrate your own sock puppet cartoon. It offers puppets, scenery, backgrounds, and props to choose from and then the next step is to speak and the sock puppets mouth will move as you speak.

Within an elementary classroom this app is very collaborative in that you are able to record your voice and children can work in pairs to create a cartoon where they each get a sock puppet character who can have conversations.

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Jungle Time- learn how to tell time

Jungle Time teaches kids how to tell time and provides different difficulty levels. To engage kids the app offers different jungle animals and sounds to make learning more fun! There is learning sections to help differentiate between the hour and minute hands as well as how to tell time and add time to the clock.

Within an elementary classroom this app allows students to set the clock to specific times, it teaches students how to read clocks as well as about daylight saving time and 24 hour time. This app would be great practice for students with telling time where a teacher could put up different times on the board to make on a clock, or put up a time and add a certain time to it.

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Todo K-2 Math Practice

Todo is an app that offers 6 multilevel games that offer students practice in math skills including: counting, writing numbers, adding and subtracting numbers. The app also offers many accessibility options: left-handed mode, simplified keypad, OpenDyslexic font, as well as offers different languages.

In an elementary classroom this app can be used to engage students in math at a level they are comfortable with. By finishing different levels students will feel more encouraged and have more positive feelings towards math.

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Build A Word Express

This app provides two games, sounds of letters and names of letters and allows students to spell words in two different ways. This app is made to teach children letters and how to combine letters into words. A child is prompted by either a visual or an oral cute to write a word, they then drag the letters in the correct order to a designated spot.

WIthin an elementary classroom this app is valuable in helping students learn their spelling words in a fun and interactive way. Teachers can upload class spelling lists through the app and students can practice these words in the classroom and at home.

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