The Civil War in Texas

By: Lindsey Smyth

The Civil War Battles in Texas

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Although the Union has already won the war, Texas had a lot of victories. Texas had many battles, and a lot of them were Confederate wins. Three of them are the Battle of Sabine pass, the Battle at Mansfield also known as the Sabine cross road battle, and the Battle of Palmito Ranch. Fortunately, we won all three! You know what they say, don't mess with Texas! We want to keep all you Texans informed, so to read more about each individual battle read the articles below.

Problems and Tension in wartime


The war caused many problems in Texas. There was a tension between the people who were loyal to the Union, and the people who were loyal to the Confederacy. About twenty five percent of Texas had been against secession, even though most Texans were on the Confederacies side. Some of the people who did not want to secede decided to remain loyal to the Union even though Texas was a Confederate state, and as the war became more challenging, some of these people decided to make a secret society called the peace party. The peace party supported the Union during the civil war. Some of the supporters of the Union in North Texas even opposed the Confederate draft. Although the war is over, Texas is still suffering from some of these tensions, so Texas needs to unite and become one, as we were once before!

Other Problems

During the war, many Texans left their families, farms, jobs, and homes to fight in the war. This means more work for the other Texans. Because of many of the mens absences, the woman have had to step up and take on the mens job, but not just that, they have also been having to remain working on their own jobs. Another problem is the the sale of farm products. The sale of farm products for Texas is going down because of the U.S blockade, and this is unfortunately making our Texas economy suffer.

War time economy: Economics/Inflation

As most Texans know, our cash crop is cotton. Cotton is one of our cops that we sell that stimulates our economy. A huge source of our sales comes from farmers exporting the cotton, but because of the U.S blockade the ports on the Gulf of Mexico were closed, and unavailable to us. Also, the Union had a large amount of forces that were in control of the land along the Mississippi, so we couldn't sell to the Confederacy, and we are still suffering from it today. Because of this, many farmers had to stop growing cotton, and started growing more food crops because of the increase in demand. On top of all the other problems the men were gone too! This meant more work for the women. Some woman even ran plantations!
The U.S blockade also blocked the transportation of goods between the Confederate states, so they couldn't trade! This caused the Texans to have a decrease in their earnings, but while they were earning less, the war was rising and the taxes went up. The Confederacy also feared that they would not win, so they continued rising the taxes. This caused the value of Confederate money to go down. Within five years items that were once only a few dollars, were now hundreds! Now that the war is over, Texas is trying to get back to a good economy, and we hope all of our readers good business!

Woman and the War effort

As we know Texas sent many men to help fight in the Civil War for the Confederacy, but there was still work to be done at home! Texas had to keep on going. The woman played a huge role in the war. They had to take on the responsibilities of the men, as well as their own. The woman steped up and took on the mens jobs, because their jobs still had to be done. The woman did very important jobs, likes running farms, post offices, stores, ranches, and even plnatations. The women also had to take other jobs because the jobs were needed like teachers, and medical positions. And the help didnt stop there, the women wanted to help the soldiers, so they made helpful things like bandages, and clothes for them. When the soldiers were in need of suplies, the women sent them some.

Hardships on the Home front

Having a war isn't just hard on the armies, it's hard on the people too. The people back in Texas had problems as well as the soldiers. As the war went on the taxes continued to rise as people started to earn less, and the economy got worse. Even simple items like shoes and clothing were rare to come by. People had to make many sacrifices because they weren't able to get many of their supplies that they used to live off of live because of the U.S blockade. The decline in supplies also caused companies to go out of buisness due to lack of supplies needed to keep their buissnesses going. This made the economy even worse. Even medicine was a luxury, and some people even had to learn how to use herbs instead. The people fighting in the war got the medicine, but the towns got a very small amount, or none at all. Although Texas had some problems, they didnt let that get in the way of them. Texans learned how to substitute accorns or corn to make something like coffe for cofee, honey instead of sugar, and clothing handspun, instead of clothing from clothing stores.

Unionism and Conscientious Objectors


Unionists were people who still supported the Union. Even though Texas voted to seccede, about one fourth of Texans were against seccession. Many Texans who were Confederates were against the Unionists because most of the Texans beleived that slavery was what supported Texas's econonomy, and Unionists supported the Union which was against slavery.

Conscientious Objectors

Conscientious Objectors were people who were aginst fighting. They didn't beleive in fighting for different reasons including religion. When they were drafted into the army they refused to fight because they beleived it was wrong to be drafted in the military and were against violence. Some groups known for being Conscientious Objectors are Dunkards, Amanists, and Shwenkfelders.