Jennifer Lynn Lopes

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The life of Jalo

Jennifer Lynn Lopes born on July 24, (1969-), in Castle Hill New York city but her family is from Puerto Rico . She is now 45 years old .

J Lo Famliy

Jennifer was raised by her two parents Guadalupe Rodriguez and David Lopez,and grew up with her two sisters Leslie who is the oldes and Lynda who is the youngest. J Lo now has two children Emme Maridel Muniz, and Maxinilian David Muniz.

Jennifer Lopez stared acting

Jenifer Lopes stared acting in 1986 in ( My Little Girl ) and she got her first dancing job as a Fly Girl on the show In Living Color in 1991.

The Singing Life

Jennifer Lopez wanted to sing so she came in t the music industry in 1999 with her debut studio album. She has over 30 albums.
Jennifer Lopez - Let it be me (Lyrics)


now Jennifer Lopez is on the show American Idol and designing her own fashion design
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