'All About Me'

Jack Coulter

Soccer Ball

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A Baseball

Activities and Values

I love to be outside and BE ACTIVE! I play lots of sports including baseball, soccer and wrestling. I also love to play around outside with my friends. My things I value in life are my family, sports and my friends. Also my school strengths are math and science.

How am I smart?

The top three ways I am smart are nature smart, people smart and number smart. Nature smart means I am knowledgeable about the environment and am interested in plants, animals and being outdoors. People smart means I am good at relating to and understanding others. Number smart means I am good at using reasoning, logic and numbers.

Learning Styles

My main learning style is by reading or doing. My math learning style is seeing. My social learning style is mainly by myself but also a little with others.

Career Clusters

  • Health Science
  • Information Technology
  • Science, technology, engineering and mathematics

Dream Job

The job that I looked for is a dentist. A dentist makes anywhere from $46,800- $166,400 per year depending on experience. The education I would need to become a doctor is advanced core classes, anatomy and physiology.

Holland Code

My Holland Code is IRC which means I am a thinker. A thinker is someone who is curious and observant. The R stands for a doer which means I am practical and like building things. The C stands for organizers which says I am a calm, conservative person.