Beach Project - Black Sand Beach

By: Andrew Ashbrook


Black Sand Beach is also known as Punalu'u beach on the biggest island of Hawaii

Exotic Animals

Some of the rare and endangered animals that make black sand beach their home include Hawks-bill turtle, Green turtle, Hawaiian Monk-seal, and many other native animals.
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Enjoyed by tourists of all ages

Enjoy the Scenery

Enjoy the scenery from up on the cliffs, below the water, or from the picnic tables provided

Enjoy time with your family

Enjoy the weather and time with your family and friends at black sand beach

The Beaches geography and its origin


The sand of Black Sand Beach come from volcanic activity. When the lave from the volcano comes in contact with the ocean water its cooled at an accelerated rate causing it to crack. Then with time and erosion the sand of Black Sand Beach is formed.


The geography of Black Sand Beach is very simple.

  1. The beach is a passive coast on the inside of its tectonic plate away from tectonic activity
  2. It was created by volcanic forces and is a primary coast
  3. It is an emergent coast cause it has been rising relative to sea level since its existence