Polkadot Class Happenings

The Week of April 8 - 12


In reading this week we are continuing to practice identifying the main idea. Students are working on reading and recording their thinking daily and writing a response to the books they have read on Fridays. We are also working on reading passages and answering comprehension questions.


In writing this week, we have completed persuasive writing and students are working on new personal narrative stories. They are practicing taking their writing through the writing process. We are also working on editing and revising passages to practice those skills.


We are done with Geometry and will be starting our measurement unit this week. This week we are learning about measuring length.


We are starting our Plants and Animals unit in Science. We will be learning about what the basic needs of plants and animals and how their characteristics help them meet their basic needs.


Enrollment Form- Last Thursday a green enrollment for 2013-2014 was sent home. Please let us know whether your child will be coming back to Forest North for the 2013-2014 school year. Forms are due by Thursday, April 11th. These forms must be turned in regardless of whether or not your child will be returning to Forest North. Thanks in advance!

Field Trip- Field Trip forms will be sent home tomorrow, Tuesday, April 9th. They must be signed and returned by Friday, April 12th. We must let our cafeteria know how many lunches they need to make by Friday. More information will be on the form. We will be going on our field trip on Tuesday, April 23rd.

Benchmarks - Next week Second Grade is scheduled to take their Reading, Writing and Math benchmarks. We are scheduled to take our Language Arts benchmarks on Tuesday, and our Math benchmarks on Wednesday and Thursday. These are assessments given by the district to all Second Grade students. Please make sure your child is at school next week so they do not miss it. Students that are absent will have to make it up at a different time.

Homework - I've received questions from students as to whether or not homework needs to be done. The answer is yes, it does. Homework is not meant to be done in isolation but meant to be done with parental involvement. It gives your child extra practice for units that we are currently working in or prepares your child for upcoming units. Thanks for supporting your child at home through active involvement with your child's homework!

Have a great week!

Ms. Tia Sayaovong

Second Grade Teacher

Forest North Elementary

Email: tia_sayaovong@roundrockisd.org

Phone: 512-464-6750

"Soaring to New Heights Together"