Gibbs reflective cycle (1988)

My presentation reflective cycle

What is the Gibbs reflective cycle?

Gibbs reflective cycle is a reflective on one event that happen. It contains describe what happen , your feeling at the time of the time of the event, evaluate good and bad of this experience, what else can you make of the situation, action paln
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My presentation

Description: I did presentation on Equality ,Diversity and rights in health and social care.

Feeling: I was feeling confident about do this because I had practise at home, and go through it several times. I was thinking I know a lot about this topic because I did it on Level 1 and 2 health and social care and now on level 3.

Evaluation: It was good because I knew what I was talking and I was confident. It was bad because I muck up my line and I have no presentation because it did work

Analysis: I did using my notes accept when I need to.

Conclusion: Breath more.

Action plan: Next time I was breath after every second this will help me not to muck up my lines and the presentation will work.