Sophomore Statement

Oyster River High School~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Fall 2015

Have You Joined A Club Or Activity Yet?

ORHS offers a wide variety of clubs, activities and sports. Not only are these a great way to round out your resume for college applications, it can be fun! Clubs can be joined at any time during the year. If you are interested in starting a new club, you need to find a faculty advisor and speak to Mr. Allen. A current list of clubs/activities and athletics are listed below!

2015-2016 Clubs/Activities/Athletics

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PSAT's: When should Sophomores take the PSAT?

ALL sophomores will take the PSAT 10 in the spring of sophomore year free of charge. This is a change from previous years when sophomores would complete the exam in the fall. ORCSD has committed to paying for all sophomore students in lieu of the STAR testing program. This is great news for students since research shows that average SAT scores increase when students take the PSAT as a junior, and increase again when students take the PSAT both junior and sophomore year! Information regarding the date and time of the PSAT 10 will be forthcoming. So for now, sit back and enjoy the fall!
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NCAA Eligibility

Are you planning to play a sport when you enter college? If so, you must meet NCAA guidelines for Division I and II schools. The NCAA requires that students complete specific course work in core academic areas, as well as achieve a specific score on standardized testing. The NCAA utilizes a ‘sliding scale’ to determine eligibility. Make sure you let your school counselor know that you are thinking about participating in athletics after high school so they may assist you in meeting the NCAA requirements. All courses currently approved by the NCAA have the NCAA logo beside the course description in the ORHS Program of Studies.

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Unsure What You Want To Do For A Future Career?

Good news—your school counselor can help! Sophomores can use their Naviance login to explore. Want to get a head start? Make an appointment with your counselor and get your Naviance login information now!