Bessie Coleman

First African american female to fly.


She was a very brave woman because she stud on a plane wing when it was flying in mid air and she just stood there not afraid.


When Bessie Coleman was two years old her and her family moved to waxahachie. They stayed there until she was twenty three years old. She had a very large family her family and this is the order it went in, first dad,mom Lilah,Albert,Walter,Isaiah,john,Bessie, NIlus,Georgia

,elois.She had thirteen siblings, five sisters and two brothers but four died in infancy,when she was little she had to walk four miles to school each day with her brothers and sisters. When she got old enough to go to collage. She had to get a job. It took her near four years to save enough money to go to a good collage.

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when she was young her brother would tell her stories about of world war one they sparked her to become a pilot