Celebrating Teachers!

May 6, 2020: Teacher Appreciation Week 2020

Dear Teachers,

This spring, you've faced unprecedented challenges, and you've risen to them with grace, care, and excellence. Your dedication has kept children safe, engaged, and, most importantly, in community. We see you, and we thank you.

Message from Director Rod Boettcher:

Being married to a teacher, being in a family from teachers, I have appreciated teachers for my entire life. They go to work, they come back and they work after they get home. I know that they do this, my parents did it and my wife does it. They work before, during and after the day starts with students. That being said, they love their students. This is a labor of love. We know that their students love their teachers. This says a lot for both groups of people. I appreciate the teachers for loving our kids - being together in the schools as long as they are - and working with all the types of students that come to them. And I appreciate the kids loving their teachers. It says a lot about the teachers that they can, after a full day of kids, still garner the love of their students.

This is an extraordinary time to have so many things on your plate though, trying to "see" your students from a distance but not necessarily seeing when they have questions on their minds. You know, the things in that visual nature of teaching is kind of hampered for a little while now. But there are so many more things that teachers have to juggle daily, not only teaching, but how the profession is changing all around them. I am in awe of how much work they have to do to stay up with with the current trends and the current requirements that the state and federal governments place on them. They have to, then, convert those changes into their lesson plans. So I am in awe of teachers in general, but more so ours in Centennial. Being a Centennial graduate, I know how hard they worked for the 12 years of my life. I know they had to put up with me. And I know what I got from that education was invaluable.

So congratulations for this week of appreciation. I know that the one week we set aside to honor you does not mean that the other 51 weeks go by without our honoring you as well.

Thank you.

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