Spring Clean Your Head!

Brain Dump Sale!

Get It Out of Your Head & On Paper

Do you have a head full of ideas, projects, junk and "stuff"? Want to get it out of your head and put together an action plan?

For the month of April (my favorite month!) I am running a Spring Cleaning special. Here's what you'll get for $125:

  • A full 30 minutes to dump your brain all over me.
  • Another 30 minutes for us to prioritize and strategize
  • A written Action Plan for you to follow

Of course, if you need help implementing your plan, I've got a chick for that!

Read about it on VirtualAssistantChick.com or

Contact Angie to setup your Brain Dump Session!

About April

With backgrounds in Real Estate, Insurance, Premium Finance and Executive Level Administration, April always dreamed of taking these skills and going out on her own. Never one to follow the traditional rules of business, she knew that creating her own business was the perfect fit.

Since 2006, April has been working with successful Real Estate Agents, Brokers and Business Coaches, relieving them of the administrative burdens that plague their day to day life. With a knack for marketing, strategizing and developing new solutions, April works one-on-one with her clients, streamlining their business practices and teaching new delegation techniques.

A founding member of the REVA Academy, April co-authored the most comprehensive Real Estate VA training program available today. Students who complete the REVA Academy Real Estate Boot Camp course are fully prepared to be rock-star Real Estate V.A.’s in 5 weeks.