Titan Staff Meeting

March 15, 2016

Words to eliminate from your vocabulary and words to replace them with:

Please don't refer to another parent's child as lazy. This word can be taken as offensive coming from a teacher/educator. Please use replacement words such as "unmotivated" and "unproductive"

Please don't accuse a student of lying and please don't write detentions or referrals accusing a student of being a liar as having lied. Use other terms such as "We are having some honesty issues" or "I feel the student is not being honest" or "The story keeps changing".

Dress Code

Please help us monitor the dress code, especially as the weather gets warmer.

  • There will be dress code changes for next year!!!
  • In the spirit of YDI, we will be including students in the rewriting of our Titan dress code.

PLC Focus

We will end this school year by readdressing the four essential and guiding PLC questions:

1) What do we want students to learn?
2) How will we know that they have learned it?
3) What will we do for those who didn't learn?
4) How will we enrich for the proficient students?

Health Unit

The Health unit will be taught to 7th graders by PE this year. They will complete this Unit during OLE week.

Practice Testing (Review for SBAC)

Please consider making time to implement the SBAC Practice Exams. The students greatly benefit by learning how to navigate SBAC testing tools for both Math and LA.

Here is the path:
  1. caaspp.org
  2. Practice and training tests
  3. Student Interface
  4. Students will sign in as a guest and choose the appropriate practice exam

Students have the benefit of learning to navigate SBAC tools and become familiar with the testing format!!!

CST Science Testing for 8th grade

The testing window will be from April 11 to May 13th. The testing materials are not in yet. As soon as they arrive we work out the most effective schedule for getting the testing completed.

Pear Deck

There are 12 teacher interested in Pear Deck. I will have 3 extra slots. Krystal will arrange another training and we will have this available this school year all the way through next school year!!

AVID Summer Training

We have one slot available for the July 11, 12, 13 training in Sacramento. Let me know if anyone is interested.

6th Grade Transition to subject area authorizations for Math and Science in 2017/2018

  • By the beginning of the 2017/2018 school year, 6th grade Math and Science teachers must have an authorization to teach either 6th grade Math or Science at TBMS.
  • With the transition to NGSS and continued work with common core Math, it is become crucial for teachers to be highly qualified in both of those areas.
  • This transition will benefit the PLC process with a singular focus on a specialized subject area.
  • The authorizations will greatly improve flexibility with master scheduling as well as the scheduling of students into classes.

Assignment Fair will be on April 21 at TBMS

St. Patrick's Day Staff Potluck

Thursday, March 17th, 7:15am

770 Westview Drive

Lincoln, CA

Please sign up for the potluck this Thursday!!!
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