Paget's Disease

Alivia Lee

What is Paget's disease?

It is a disease that causes your bone to create new bone and remove old bone in an unbalanced way. This causes the bone to be enlarged, bent, or easily broken.
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-can be formed by gradual viral infection present for many years before symptoms show.


- most commonly there is a mutation with the gene that that is involved in regulating the function of osteoclasts (bone cells).

-genetic causes may or may not involve a family history of Paget's disease.

Symptoms (depending on affected area)

  • skull- you may have symptoms including headaches, sagging face muscles, hearing problems, or loose teeth.
  • spine-it may damage nerves and cause leg pain, numbness, or weakness.


-if treatment is needed, the treatments are intended to control the disease activity and manage its complications.

-medications used are called bisphosphonates or injectable calcitonin.


-in most cases, Paget's disease affects adult, and older skeletal bones

-1% of adults in the U.S. have Paget's disease