Compass Family Update

December 8, 2014

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Debbie Meier Visited Compass!

Visionary educator and founder of Central Park East Elementary School, Debbie Meier, visited Compass last week. Two kindergarteners from the Maple Class led a tour of our school. Debbie spent time in each of the classrooms and also spoke with the teachers during their lunch time. We were so happy to host her for the day!
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Kindergarten Block Building

"This is the animal freedom tower. It's like a circus and they do shows. It's like a show house where they live. This is why I love Legoland so much"

Fundraiser Thank You

We were thrilled to see so many of you at our fundraiser just before the Thanksgiving break. Thank you for coming out and for making the event a true community gathering. We would like to especially thank all of the volunteers who helped to make the event a reality and Co-Chairs, Christine McQuade (Elm parent) and Sara Dima (Oak parent). Finally, check out the new video that Oak parent, Pere Duignan, made for the event and for our website. Let us know what you think.

Sibling Applicants for 2015-2016?

As we begin our recruitment work for the next school year, we want to remind you that your children get first preference at Compass. If you have a child who will be applying to Compass for the 2015-2016 school year, please email Todd ( with their name and grade for next year. According to New York City policy, children turning five in 2015 must enter kindergarten in the '15-'16 school year.

We Want Your Help Recruiting Families To Apply To Compass

As you know, we have been committed to providing our learning environment to a student body that reflects the diversity in our community. We are eager to connect with the Directors and the families from your children's previous pre-schools, day-cares, and schools. We would also like to connect with your churches and other community organizations you think would be open to introducing us to families in the area. Please email Todd ( and Arian ( with contact information for your child's previous schools. Let us know if you would be willing to speak with families about Compass. Thank you for your help!

Sponsor-A-Family Gift Drive

The three schools (MS 113, PS 372, Compass Charter School) that comprise the MS 113 Campus (300 Adelphi St, Brooklyn) have organized a Sponsor-A-Family Gift Drive to support families in need in our community this holiday season. We are grateful for any donations that you are able to make, no matter how small. Please visit if you are interested in making a donation. Donations can be brought to the Compass Main Office (4th floor) or PS 113 Main Office (1st floor) on or before December 19, 2014. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Use of Our Entrance Doors

To increase safety, the DoE has been installing door alarms at various school entrances and exits across the city. Our entrance will have an alarm installed soon, making now a perfect time to remind you that unless a Compass employee or a Security Agent is at our entrance, you should never exit or enter through those doors. Todd stays at our entrance until 8:15 every morning. If you leave the school after that time, you must use the 300 Adelphi entrance. Thank you for helping us keep the building as safe as possible for the students in all three schools.

Compass Listserv Reminder

In October, we created a listserv for families to communicate with one another about activities and needs within our community. Currently, 65 families are using it. We encourage you to sign up, if you have not already. You can read the Guidelines and sign up for the listserv here.

Reminder: We Are A Nut Free School

We have noticed a few nut products making their way into lunches and backpacks. Please remember that we are a nut free school. We have several children with severe peanut and tree nut allergies. We recommend Sunbutter as an alternative to peanut or almond butter. We appreciate your help in keeping all children in our school healthy and safe. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Ideas for Community Gathering?

As we move forward in the year, we are hoping to include more of our community in the Community Gatherings! If you have a song or musical talent, or any other ideas that you think could help make our Wednesday mornings more wonderful and reflective of our community please get in touch with Sara via email (

Also, if you haven't joined us for a Community Gathering yet, please join us at 8:15am this Wednesday for our first very special visiting performer!

Snack Prep Helpers Needed in December!

We need more December volunteers to help set up and clean up snack everyday but Wednesdays. Starting around 1:15, prepping and delivery snack takes less than 1/2 hour, and if you can stay a little longer to help wash the plates that’s a bonus! Please go here to see available days. We appreciate your help!

Brrr...We Need to Bundle Up!

It's getting cold outside and we will continue to go outside for our daily recess even in cold weather. Please send your child to school with a warm coat, scarf, hat, and gloves/mittens. If your child does not have warm winter gear and you need help purchasing it, please let us know.

Lost and Found

Is your child missing any clothing? We have a large box of lost and found items in the main office. Please stop by and have a look.

So Kind

We created an online registry using So Kind for items and services we need around the school. Many of the items we are looking for can be used. Please take a look and let us know if you can help out with anything on the list. Thanks!

The web address of your registry is

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Compass Charter School

Feel free to reach out anytime with questions or to catch up. Our contact info is listed below.

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