Kindertransport and Lebensborn

Jewish children and German women

What is Kindertransport?

Kindertransport was an organization that helped thousands of Jewish children get out of Hitlers dictatorship. They would put the children on the train and send them all the way to Great Britain where they would have new families. The Red Cross got involved with the act to save these kids. All the children boarding the train did not know they would never see their parents again. Over 10,000 children left their families and childhood behind to go to a safer place. After the children would leave their remaining relatives would be sent off to their death. If the child knew his/her parents they would receive a letter stating their parents are dead caused by the Nazis. The train station would be filled with horrific cries and people with their backs to others.

What is lebensborn?

Lebensborn was a disgusting aspect in Germany for all Germans. It had all women tested to see if they were a pure and perfect German. If the women were pure they would basically force her to mate with one of the members of the SS. They wanted pure arian babies for Hitlers plan to rule the war. But if the women wasn't pure and perfect they were sent off to be killed. After the babies were not in nursery anymore they were put into foster homes so the women would never meet their children. Once the children were in school learning the only thing they were taught was what Hitler wanted them to be. They were brainwashed and uneducated. The aspect was basically breeding people to create the "perfect" person for Hitler.