Welcome Back!!

We hope y'all are excited about a new year of Tech Chats! We certainly are! We are going to attempt to use this Smore to house all things related to #rcstechchat. Below you will find everything that you need to successfully sign up and host a tech chat.

How do I schedule the Tweets for my chat?

We use Tweetdeck to schedule our tweets! Please see the link below to view the time line which keeps the chat flowing and finishing on time.

This is VERY Important!

You have to tweet the Form below out for accountability. It is set so that you can duplicate it. Make sure you edit the title with the title of your chat. It usually gets tweeted out with the last question (see timeline).

How to help teachers

Advertise! Advertise! Advertise! Our feedback last year was that teachers wanted more advertising of the chats. Please encourage them to watch the video below. If we make a new one I will update this Smore. PLEASE remind your teachers that their pages can't be private if they want to participate in the chat.

I did my chat now what?

Once you have completed your chat you are done! We have Participate chat logs already set up. Clarissa and Stephanie will verify participation (usually on) Wednesday and email the sign in to Kathy. Thank you so much for hosting!!

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