Anabel Aguilera 3rd period

Movie Moment

Both wanted something, but didn't get it till the end.


Rabbit wants the carrot, but doesn't get it because of the magician. Since rabbit doesn't want to perform.


Rabbit- wants the carrot

Magician- wants rabbit to perform

Settings- Auditorium

Rising Action

Event 1. Rabbit put a mouse trap in the hat.

Event 2. Rabbit smashes the magician fingers in a door.

Event 3. rabbit put's latter in hat and hit's magician.


Magician was falling from the roof. He will die if the rabbit doesn't pull a trick out of the hat.

Falling Action

Event 1. Rabbit had to make a choice.

Event 2. Rabbit saved the magician.


Rabbit finally got carrot and the Magician put on a good show. Both ended up happy.