Cold War Culture

Urban Renewal

What: National Housing Act of 1949 passed to provide a decent home and suitable living environment for every American family.

Time Period: Passed in 1949

Location: In the US

Cause: Most African Americans, Native Americans, and Latinos in the cities had to live in dirty, crowded slums.

Reason: Wanted to make sure that everyone was equal so no group was discriminated against.

Result: Housing and Urban Development (HUD) helped cities all over and gave aid in improving conditions in the inner city.

Significance: It was significant to the minorities who didn't have the money to afford a good living space because they were then able to work and give money to the government.

Federal Communications Commission

What: Government agency that regulates and licenses TV and other communication industries and had allowed 500 new stations to broadcast.

Time Period: 1956

Location: In the US

Cause: First TVs only reached a small part of the East Coast and for only two hours but as innovations grew we could transmit for longer distances.

Reason: Because the TV industry was growing the FCC had to regulate the stations so that the audience could watch it and also American bussinesses could profit.

Result: Many new shows were being broadcast across the US and American bussinesses were making profits by advertising and sales of TV guides.

Significance: This was significant to all people in the US because the economy was being boosted because of the high sales as well as Americans being able to have a new thing to enjoy. The growing of the television industry also provided many jobs and continued to improve technology.