Year 2 Newsletter

4th April 2014

What have we done this week?

This week has had a strong DT and Science focus with the children designing, making and evaluating their models. The challenge? To create a scene with a working circuit, containing either a bulb or a buzzer and a self-made switch! We have a monkey zoo, a police station, various shops, a museum and a castle amongst other things! Please feel free to come upstairs and take a look at the children's handy work!

In numeracy we have been looking at placing numbers between 0 and 200 on a blank number line, as well as looking at place value involving (thousands), hundreds, tens and units.

We combined our literacy with our ICT this week, to create our own non-fiction books based on our models and electrical circuits.

Next week

  • Dutch Day (Wednesday) Dress in orange!
  • International Day (Thursday) International dress!
  • School finishes at 12 noon on Friday


Please check all clothes are still labelled with your child's name. There is a growing pile of lost property outside the Year 2 classrooms, most of which is no longer labelled visibly. Thank you.

As the weather gets warmer, please ensure your child has a water bottle in school. Some children have been relying on cups from the water fountain downstairs, and while this is perfectly acceptable on occasion, we are unable to provide them every day.

Homework Project

The children have been preparing interview questions both in school and at home this week. This is linked to a homework challenge we have set.

The challenge is:

· To interview a family member. This can be completed with the family member present, via email, skype or facetime etc.

· The answers can be presented in any way the children wish, eg a poster, PowerPoint, a short film clip and so forth. If you need any resources to support this, then please let your class teacher know.

· This piece of work has to be completed by Wednesday 28th April (Not May as stated last week!), this gives the children the holidays in case they are visiting family or having visitors.

· Any queries should be directed to your class teacher.