Huntingtons Disease

Alberto Colorado

Test and treatments

At first any women can find out if their child has a disease with 2 tests. Those two are taking a sample of its fluid, 2nd taking a sample of fetal cells.

Treatments do not show progess through out.


HD is a disease that destroys part of a humens brain. This part controls movement and emotion and thinking abilities. Some HD patientes lose about 25% fo their brain cells.


Anybody who inherits the gene that casues HD will get the disease. A parent who has an HD gene has 50% chance that one of their children will get the disease.


People start noticing symptons by the age of 30 through 50 but it could start early or later in life. Overtime it gets worse. Some symptons are lack of coordination, and trouble walking,sleeping and even eating. And it also effects your mood,memory.


Creatine can cure the disease and how creatine impacts HD symptons and progresssion. At the Unversity of California, they successfully prevented cell death in Drosophila fruit fly model that carries the HD gene defect.

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