Magee Winter Concert 2020

January 15, 2020 - 6:30 PM at KMHS

The Specifics...


Students should arrive at Kettle Moraine High School NO EARLIER than 6PM and no later than 6:10 PM. AUDITORIUM DOORS OPEN AT 6PM.

Students can be dropped off at Door 12S to be met by staff members, or parents can walk them in once parked. Mrs. Zikeli, and Mrs. Pendergast will be checking students in and staff will be sure students get to the correct room - where classroom teachers will meet them.


Once ALL students are off the stage, ONE parent can walk backstage to pick up student(s). One parent only will allow for an orderly pick up of all of our students. Thank you, in advance, for your patience with the pick-up process.

Room Locations will be posted at KMHS.

CARNIVAL TICKET WINNERS (4 Reserved Seats each):

The Johnson Family (Luke)

The Gryzkewicz Family (Collin and Maddy)

Your prime seats will be labeled for you! Congratulations!

New This Year!!

As we try to accommodate all of the Magee Families at the evening concert, we are opening up the up our dress rehearsal to guests on Tuesday, January 14, 2020. If our rehearsal is easier for grandparents, aunts, uncles and other family to attend they are welcome to join us in the KMHS Auditorium doors will open at 9:30AM, with the dress rehearsal beginning at 9:45am. We will work through the show from beginning to end. (There may be stops, but short!) We ask that people only attend one show.

For this show: Please park in the parking lot of WALES ELEMENTARY SCHOOL and you can cross to the auditorium through the cross walk.

Thank you!

What to wear?

Wednesday, January 15 will be "Dress Up Day" at Magee. We ask that students dress up for the concert.

Kettle Moraine High School Information

The auditorium seats approximately 612 people. We will have around 210 students performing. Please keep in mind, that in order to accommodate ALL who would like to view the concert, all students participating in concert will remain back stage. (Students will get to see each other during the rehearsals.) The auditorium is located on the south end of the High School, nearest to Wales Elementary School. Please plan to fill ALL seats in a row to ensure enough seating for everyone.


Magee Winter Concert

Wednesday, Jan. 15th 2020 at 6:30pm

349 North Oak Crest Drive

Wales, WI

Please join us as we showcase the musical talents of our Magee students!