World Religions

By: Kaitlyn Ballard


Christianity is a religion that believes in only one God. They believe Jesus Christ died on the cross for their sins but rose from the dead 3 days later.

Holy Book:

The holy book they read is called the Bible.


Easter and Christmas are the 2 major holidays they celebrate. Easter is when they celebrate Jesus' resurrection. Christmas is when they celebrate Jesus' birthday.

Christianity is a monotheistic faith which means they believe in only one God. They believe someday Jesus will return to earth to bring both the dead and the living out of the world. The ones that did not accept Christ as their Savior and Lord will be left behind to experience the Millennium times (period of one thousand years) where it will be hell on earth.


They believe in the 13 Principles of Faith:

  1. God exists
  2. God is one and unique
  3. God is incorporeal
  4. God is eternal
  5. Prayer is to be directed to God alone and to no other
  6. The words of the prophets are true
  7. Moses' prophecies are true, and Moses was the greatest of the prophets
  8. The Written Torah (first 5 books of the Bible) and Oral Torah (teachings now contained in the Talmud and other writings) were given to Moses
  9. There will be no other Torah
  10. God knows the thoughts and deeds of men
  11. God will reward the good and punish the wicked
  12. The Messiah will come
  13. The dead will be resurrected

  • Judaism is a monotheistic faith which means they believe there is only one God.


Judaism has over a dozen of holidays ranging from deeply solemn fast days like Yom Kipper to all out parties like Purim. Some other holidays are Rosh Hashanah, Sukkot, Shemini Atzeret, Simchat Torah, and Shabbat.

Holy Book:

The Jewish Holy Book is the Tanakh containing the Torah and the prophetic books.


Hindu's believe in only one supreme god who created the universe that can be worshipped as light. Hinduisms' gods come in many different forms such as trees, animals, etc. In Hinduism Brahman is the supreme Fod. Under its commands are the seven basic gods; Indra, Shakti, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Shani, and Yama. The seven basic gods merge to form the one supreme god, Brahman.

Holidays and Festivals:

Diwali- Festival of Lights

Holi- Festival of Colors

Raksābandhana- bond between brothers and sisters

Navaratri- Festival of Shakti

Holy Book:

The Vedas is the prime book of knowledge of the belief of Hindu's.


Buddhist's believe in the Four Noble Truths:

1. The truth of suffering

2. The truth of the cause of suffering

3. The truth of the end of suffering

4. The truth of the path that frees us from suffering

Who do they believe in?

Buddhist's believe the ultimate goal on life is to reach "enlightenment"

Buddhists believe in a higher spirit but no specific God.

Holy Book:

Their holy book is called the Tipitaka. It is written in an ancient indian language called Pali which is very close to the language that Buddha himself spoke.


Muslim's believe in order to be considered muslim you must believe in the Six Articles of Faith.

  1. One God;
  2. The angels of God;
  3. The books of God, especially the Qur'an;
  4. The prophets of God, especially Muhammad;
  5. The Day of Judgment (afterlife)
  6. The supremacy of God's will

Muslim's are considered monotheistic because they believe there is only one God. The name of that god is Allah. The term is related to Elohim, the Hebrew word for God.

For a Muslim, the object of life is to live in a way that is pleasing to Allah so that they may gain Paradise. It is believed that at puberty, an account of each person's deeds is opened, and this will be used at the Day of Judgment to determine his eternal fate.

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