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Volume 2, Issue 7

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What is Eureka Math?

Eureka Math is our core curriculum in MSD Warren Township from Kindergarten through Algebra II.

Eureka Math is probably very different than your math classes in school or the way you learned math. It is not that one way is better than the other, the key is the expectations that are being put on our students today. Today's world has many challenges and problems that need to be solved. Our students will be the ones who will have to solve these problems and most careers will require strong problem-solving skills. To address this new challenge, we must prepare our students to be thinkers and problem-solvers and really UNDERSTAND math.

This is probably the biggest difference. Math has been traditionally taught as "math facts" and formulas. Students were taught just to memorize math facts and one specific way of calculating or solving a math problem. The trouble with this type of instruction was that many of us never really understood the math we were doing. We just memorized and solved the problem like the teacher told us to. Today, the expectations of students are much greater. Today's standards and assessments are requiring students to solve much more complex problems. To solve complex problems, student must understand the math concepts and have numerous strategies for solving difficult problems. Memorizing facts and one strategy may not help solve the complex problems students may face on state assessments and even life.

Eureka Math is created to build math understanding from kindergarten to Algebra II and beyond. Yes, what your student is doing in math may not be familiar and you may not totally understand everything they are doing. Please be assured there is a good reason the students are doing what they are doing. Building multiple strategies and deep understanding of numbers is how students will become great math problem solvers. We hope you will do your part in helping your student gain this important understanding, even though it may sometimes be difficult and different than your math experience.

From the Superintendent...

At the Board Public Meeting, the MSD Board of Education voted to approve the recommendation to cancel school on Tuesday, November 19 in support of Warren Township teachers and staff participating in the Red For Ed Action Day at the Indiana Statehouse with colleagues from around the state. The MSD of Warren Township and the Board is supporting our staff participation in this event to improve conditions for Indiana teachers as well as to advocate for our students, our schools, and our community. Further, the Board approved the utilization of our flex day on Friday, May 22nd as the designated make up day for canceling school on November 19th. School and district offices will remain open on November 19th. We will send more details through building and department leaders.

Thank you for all that you do for our students, our community, and each other. Public education and public school educators are the foundation of a healthy and productive community, state, and country. It is unfortunate that not everyone recognizes this.

The following are available on November 19th, if needed:

YMCA Flyer

Boys & Girls Club Flyer

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Respect and Character Award Winners

Upcoming Events

*TONIGHT* Strategic Planning - Town Hall Meeting

Monday, Nov. 18th, 6-7:30pm

9500 East 16th Street

Indianapolis, IN


The purpose of the Town Hall meetings is to provide our community, including our staff, the opportunity to interact with the district to provide input on the future of Warren Schools for our 2020-2025 Strategic Plan. Students are encouraged to attend!

Please complete the link below for the survey used for the meeting.

Strategic Planning Survey (English)

Strategic Planning Survey (Spanish)


Wednesday, Dec. 4th, 5-7:30pm


Warren Central Fine Arts Department and Clubs are teaming up with all MIC Schools and Herron School of Art and Design to host this wonderful event. Empty Bowls is an international grassroots effort to fight hunger. The basic premise is that student potters, along with other artists and educators, work with the community to create handcrafted bowls.

Tickets are $10 and can be bought at the door. The ticket covers a FREE chili dinner provided by Chartwells and an empty handmade bowl.

All guests at the event are asked to choose a handmade bowl, as a reminder of all the empty bowls in the world. A silent auction will also be held at the event. All proceeds raised at the event will benefit the Old Bethel Food Pantry on the Eastside.

Cohort Information

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